Hot glue - I personally use 11mm x 200mm glue sticks because I like it thick and long


Contact glue/cement - My prefered brand is Alpha Thixofix but feel free to explore the different brands and let me know if you find better ones!


Super glue - I don't think I've ever used this on a cosplay yet


Duct Tape - for quick repairs



I've only just started exploring resins for moulding small gems. The resins I use are from Pébéo Gédéo and it comes in a variety of colours. It takes around 24 hours to set and depending on the quality of the mould, it comes out nice and smooth. CosplayMat stocks this type of resin but it can also be found on E-bay for a similar price. Usually if I'm stocking up for supplies, I get it from CosplayMat since you can save on postage on multiple items but if it is a one-off, you're probably better off getting it from E-bay.



Thermoplastic could add a lot of extra cost to your "cost-plays". I have reviewed the different types of thermoplastics based on my experience so far. Hope this helps you decide which one to go for before investing into it!

The cheapest supplier for worbla and other thermal plastic I have encountered is CosplayMat.



None of these reviews/recommendations are sponsored. Cosplay can be an expensive hobby. I hope to help other fellow cosplayers save money while working with high quality materials. If anyone comes across any materials that are worth noting, please do contact me and I will try them out before uploading my thoughts on the materials.




There are three types of foam I generally use; Craftfoam, EVA and Plastazote. Each one has their own properties. Click here to find out more.

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