Cheap Armour Builds


Want to make big armour builds but you'r always poor from making cost-play? This article aims to save you a few pennies and make cost-play less costly

Poly-Props Foam Review and Test


EyeofSauronDesigns has written an in depth review with visual examples on how the foam from Poly-Props reacts to heat as well as how it would look after the most common sealing technique we all use; PVA glue. If you are unsure whether to replace the existing EVA floor mats you use with this foam, give this article a read!

Time and Budget Management


Basically just stating the obvious.



Spend time reseraching, plan your material purchases, stop being a bitch complaining how hard it is and JUST DO IT!


Have some clip art and crappy stock image.

Why do I cosplay?


Everybody may have their own reasons but here is mine.

Product Review: Poly-Props SEAL - Initial Thoughts


I have recenlty encountered a new product and gave it a little test. I've seen a few people ask what it's like so I decided to wirte up my first thoughts on this product.

Cosplay Etiquette


A guide on how one should behave around cosplayers at a convention. Nothing special, just common courtesy and sense. If you have neither, you probably should read on.

Photo Credit: Aperture Alternative

Convention Surval Checklist


Ever struggled with missing components at a convetion? Struggle no more with the Convention Survival Checklist for both cosplayers and general attendees.

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