Sub Zero Cosplay

Photo credit to @AmyECosplay (IG)
Special shout out to @Casual_Props for designing the cool triangles!

Mortal Kombat 2021

Sub Zero cosplay

Sub Zero Cosplay from Mortal Kombat 2021

From trailer to cosplay

When I first saw the trailer I was super hyped. Mortal Kombat was first introduced to me in 2011 when it came out on the PS3 and I was mesmerised by the fatalities.

It was extremely difficult as no reference images or behind-the-scenes images. I literally had to play the youtube trailer at 0.25 speed and screenshot the images frame by frame. I tried messaging various people on social media but I had no luck getting more images of the costume.

  • Taping my head to make a template

    Don't forget to use cling film before you put the masking tape on!

  • Looking like an egg

    I look like a right bellend

Making the egg hat

Most "complex" looking but quickest to make. This one could be tricky on your own, I had my partner Amy help me.

First I made a masking tape mannequin head by wrapping my head in cling film. Then taped it with some masking tape to create a stiffer surface. Cut the head carefully and slip your head out. Now you can draw the pattern on the masking tape. When cutting the pattern out on foam, make sure you leave a slight edge half the size of your foam thickness so it would actually fit your head after!

The pattern on the top was done with my Dremel using just normal attachments. EZ PZ

  • Press print
    Bought a mask from CGTrader and pretty much pressed print
  • Sand until your fingers bleed

    Pretty much that. Fill, sand, prime repeat. If you don't sand as long as it takes to print, you're doing something wrong.

  • Chrome

    Alclad2 Steel is applied to a gloss black base for the mirror shine

  • Weathering

    Used some copper and silver rub-and-buff to get the rust effect. Finished off with a little iron powder for texture. You can hardly see it.

The Pain of the Mask

Nothing interesting going on here. The dude selling the file put a quick mock up to print off and I scaled it to my face appropriately. 

The hardest and most underappreciated bit is the amount of time that took me to sand the print clean. It was worth the elbow grease at the end! I did about 3-4 rounds of filling and sanding which stacked up to about 10 hours in total. I then sprayed it with black gloss and coated it with Alclad2 Steel to get the near mirror finish. To get it to look closer to the film, I blackwashed it with some watery paint and used rub-and-buff to get the rust details. 

  • Stacking

    Stacking them means I could print about 50 per print

  • Trial and Error

    Printed them in different sizes. Ended up with using the black ones in the middle.

  • Build from top to bottom

    I discovered that this pattern is easiest to put together when building from the top to bottom.

  • Flexibility

    Surprisingly, this has a lot of flex in the horizontal way

The Triangle Bits

The triangle bits are actually called "mountain pattern armour". @Casual_Props is the genius behind the design. He has made it available here

After going through many designs variations to figure out how each one is linked, we gave up and decided to just print each one individually and hot glue the crap out of it onto the foam base.

Blood Ice thing

I found some spare clear Worbla (some thermoplastic) and made a sharp, steep cone. Be careful you don't burn your hand on it as it does get quite hot!

The rest is just hot glue. I used about 3 sticks of hot glue to create the drippy effect. It was only a quick and dirty job and I don't think it does real icicles any just-ice. Then I did the unspeakable; mixed some acrylic paint and tap water and sprayed it through my airbrush.

  • Pretty straight forward

    Cut the shapes you see on foam then glue it all together

  • Break it down

    I did it in sections so it's less overwhelming

Building the base

The shape were pretty simple and I was able to whack it out in a couple evenings.

Pretty much some oblongs, semi-circles and ovals. I didn't even bother cleaning the build because it's supposed to look "a little messy" and will be covered up by the amount of weathering seen on the trailers.

  • First Coat

    Black gloss coat then Alclad2 Steel for the shiny base.

  • Light layers

    I built up each layer with some indigo acrylic ink.

  • After a few layers

    This is about 5-6 layers of blue on top of the silver


I didn't even bother priming or sanding the chest. Before the next con, I plan on weathering the shit out of it as seen from some new Instagram posts from the artist who painted the costume.

Layers are important to get this blue mixed with silver. I tried just doing a thick layer of blue for a quicker job but it turned out pretty naff.

  • Attack of the Dremel

    I just beat the shit out of the shouder pads with a Dremel to create this type of weathering. Bed it over your knee, slap it hard and make it call you daddy.

Extra details

Attack the thing with a Dremel then abuse it with a dry brush

Lightly dab some brown and silver on a brush and just hit the edges to create a more natural weathered-looking piece of armour. Nothing special going on here. I really hate writing up how I made things but if anyone has any questions, drop me a DM or email me at