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Waiting to be claimed! Once they are put into their unique pokehomes, it'll appear in the gallery below.

Unique Designs

Each Pokehome is unique in design hosted in a 10cm ball. I like to piss around with different designs too so the creation process would feel less like being in China (child labour production lines with no thought being put into it). Have a scroll down to see what I've made so far!

I try my best to source genuine/official BANDAI, TOMY or RE-MAN figures. I personally check the quality of each Pokémon before creating their Pokéhome to ensure no crappy bootlegs are used so don't worry!

I do custom orders as well but do message me on Facebook, Etsy or email me at before ordering.

I may be difficult to source the right pokemon on eBay and it may delay the shipping date. Alternatively you can send me a Pokemon yourself and I could create a custom home for them.

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Fat mew (Available)

Fat mew became known as Mewtwo. Too heavy for the floor hence it all cracked and stuff.

Attention Seeking Jolteon (Available)

Jolteon looking for verification by fishing for attention to justify its existance.

Cata-piss-off (Available)

Catapie wants you to piss off out of the Viridian Forest and back to Pallet.

Vape-oreon (Available)

When you vape so much you wake up on an island because nobody wants to be near you.

Not-A-Mew-sed (Available)

Sat high up on its thrown not looking a-Mew-sed at the current state of the world.

Useless Magikarp (Available)

But yet it is still able to pull unlike you on a Saturday night.

Route 12 Snorlax

Remember when you skipped the story then spent 3 hours searching for that flute?

Charmander Got Wood

Charmander likes to find some large wood to sleep near.

Pidgey at the Park

Just like a pigeon, it craps all over the park as well as my dreams.

Jobless Squirtle

Look how happy he is just chilling while leaching on everyone else's tax money.


Pikachu displaying its backside ready for some saucy action.

Offended Eevee

The face a millennial pulls when you assume their gender.


Now you can show the world how much of a weeb basic Pokemon-cherry blossom combo.

Bulbasaur Trying to Hi-5

Stumpy ass Bulbasura attempts to hi-5 but is too stumpy to lift its hand past its shoulders.

Squirtle Squirting

Oooo yeah. Squirtle getting extra wet from the powerful squirt.

Squirtle Squirted Too Hard

Squirtle tried to fight them on the beach but died. Press 'F' for respect.

Charmander Got Depression

Charmander has got depression and is trying to roll into the river.

Curious Mew

Curious Mew wondering why you are such a failure in life.

Abandoned Eevee

Eevee's mother went to the shops but never came back.

Slowpoke Takes a Dump

Mark your territory and show your dominance like Slowpoke by taking a proud dump.

Charmander Rock Boi

Like a penguin, Charmander collected a bunch of rocks. Bitches love rocks.

Eevee with Pink Eye

Eevee got an eye infection from splashing around in the stream.

Eevee in Deep Thoughts

Why did Eevee's mother abandon her? Is she better off drowning in this puddle?

Bulbasaur in Dreamland

I stopped doing lights because it's probably a fire hazard.

Gyrados Gets Ready for the D

Gyrados is more of a whore than Krystal with a K. Gyrados? More like Gay-rados.

Eevee Being Sacrificed

Getting sacrificed by the native mongoloid tribe is a peaceful sight.

Eevee Eats Alone

Eating alone like I did for my last birthday in Nandos. Table for 1 please.

Eevee with Happy Thoughts

Eevee is super happy to see you are just as much as weeb as it is.

Diabetic Eevee

I'm pretty sure if it ate its weight worth of cake, it'll get diabetes.

Homeless Eevee

This Eevee was made homeless because I did not love her. Buy her now.


Everything is a dildo when you're brave enough. It wiggles too.


Mimikyu could have pulled anything over its head but it chose to be a wank sock.

Stress Eating Snorlax

Snorlax would have been a slim and slender pokemon if it hadn't developed an eating disorder.

Charmanda Lava-s you

Bad pun is bad. I should be ashamed but I'm not because my life is a bad pun.


Bulbasaur is trying to buy your body with some green-ass-grapes.


Glaceon doesn't normally appear in the wild but its owner abandoned it because they were homophobic.


You can always rely on Mimikyu to show you da wei to the pumpkin patch at Halloween.


It would stay up to listen to your day but your droning noise made bulba's ear sore.

Care Free Snorlax

Snorlax doughnut care about what you think. Leave Snorlax alone.

Pancake Eevee

Your girlfriend's butt is as flat as this pancake and Eevee wants a piece of it.

Sandshrew with Resting Beach Face

Sandshrew will make shore it makes you have sex on the beach by giving you a sand-screw


While you bathe naked, Slowpoke will slow poke you from underneath.

Slut Shaymin

Stop slut shaymin me just because I like to be the London Underground. (Dirty and everyone rides me)


Leafeon wishes you to go away back to the hole you crawled out of and leaf it alone.

Pink Horse

I don't understand why they call this pink horse Sylveon.

Log Loving Pikachu

Pikachu loves playing with dried up logs pretending they were eatable.

Praying Pikachu

Pikachu wishes that people would be more open minded and stop being such pricks.

Mad Max

I wasn't going to make any rock type pokemon but someone ordered this guy. It was Onix-pected.

Stoned Eevee

Eevee got so stoned it started to hallucinate about the colours of the stones in front of it.


Bulbasaur isn't actually sleeping. It's trying to work on its abs.

Destructive Umbreon

Umbreon will bring you death and destruction if you cross its path.